The Cheese Stands Alone

The Cheese Stands Alone

Who doesn’t remember that fond childhood nursery rhyme that ends “the cheese stands alone.”  Cheese, like a treasured nursery rhyme, brings with it a reassuring feeling of coziness and comfort.

Whichever way you slice it, cheese has the power to be the ultimate comfort food or solo menu dish.  Who doesn’t love cheese paired with their favorite glass of wine?

QuestionWhere’s one place cheese stands alone?

AnswerCheese reigns supreme in France.

Cheese rates top billing in France; whether a tasty treat, a savory main course, or a sweet end to a satisfying meal.

So put on a pot of hot, bubbling fondue; perfect for a chilly wintry night and share your favorite childhood cheese memory.  Smile!  Say cheese … you’ve just traveled to France.  ~ NRVANA

FranceDestination:  France
Bonjour, your passport has been stamped! 

Note to the Epi-curious:  Confirm your travel plans
by sharing your very own cooking nirvana experience -
be it a treasured memory, location, or recipe. 


A happy coincidence!  France is the birthplace of cheesecake.

Shangri La Cafe 

  • Brie with Bounty of Dried Fruits
  • Cranberry Mango Brie Tartlets

Next stop California Dreamin’

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One comment on “The Cheese Stands Alone

  1. Cheese is like a meal unto itself. When it’s on pizza, it’s savory; when it’s in a cheesecake, it’s sweet. Cheese comes in so many varieties that it is like sampling a new flavor each time.

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